Spain Has the Healthiest Climate in Europe

A good climate throughout the year – guaranteed summers and warm winters.

Costa Calida and Southern Costa Blanca have a micro-climate, averaging over 300 days of sunshine per
annum, making this area the California of Europe.

Easy Low Cost Access

By Air -  frequent flights from most UK airports.

Only two and a half hours by air, so you can even enjoy weekend breaks.

By road and rail – EU funding developed excellent transport networks inside Spain.

Better Quality of Life

Spain has something for everyone from the simple and unspoiled to the sophisticated.

You’ll enjoy good food and wine – the diet is also the healthiest in Europe.

Many long white sandy beaches – some very lively and others secluded and quiet.

Some of Europe’s finest Golf Courses – over 30 in the Murcia and Alicante regions.

Charming towns and villages, where you can still buy good value property in the heart of ‘real Spain’.

The locals are friendly and welcoming and will encourage you to relax into the Spanish way of life.

Cultural and historical interests: Archaeology, Architecture, Museums, Music and Dancing – and lots of Fiestas where the whole town enjoys a party atmosphere.

Communicating with the locals – English is widely spoken and Spanish is easy to pick up.

Compelling Economic Reasons

A stable, mature property market – a safe market for investment, proven over many years, unlike the emerging markets.

Low cost of living – you’ll live better for less.

Flights are not only convenient, but cheap, especially in comparison to other overseas destinations, such as Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Dubai and the USA.

EU reciprocal health care and pensions means you will have free high quality health care and your UK pension will be paid in Spain.